Manhunt is a hide-and-seek variant. The game starts out with one person, known as the MANHUNTER, who is "it". The MANHUNTER is selected by RHYMING ELIMINATION - eliminated players are designated FUGITIVES and are free to escape while they can. The last FUGITIVE is given 120 seconds to escape before the MANHUNTER can give chase.

Play occurs within predetermined boundaries. If a FUGITIVE exits these boundaries for any reason, she/he joins the MANHUNTERS. Players are identified as being distinct from the general civilian population by means of a HIGHLY-VISIBLE ARMBAND.

If a FUGITIVE is tagged by a MANHUNTER, she or he is BRAINWASHED and forced to join the side of the MANHUNTERS. At the end of the designated time limit, or when all FUGITIVES but one have been brainwashed, the game is over, as announced by a pre-determined call. All who have not been arrested are declared the winners.

Winners are awarded the coveted MOUNTAIN GOAT MEDALLION and one pint of their choice.

mountain goat scaling


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Unknown said...

Ooh, i love the anal sex! Where does the armband come in?


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Blogger Caitlin Crawshaw said...

I live in Edmonton, Canada, and we have Manhunt here too! I played once, it was fun.

Does anyone know if there are games in the USA, and in which cities?

Also, anyone know where it started? I'm totally curious.


6:38 PM  
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